Races: Dwarves

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The Havenscoast has no dwarven settlements, although there are rumoured to be one or two ancient abandoned holds in the Noreth mountains. There is however a reasonable component of dwarvish citizens in the main cities and towns, most of whom have originally arrived in the region as merchants or skilled engineers of the wondrous Crafter towns, from the islands west of the Kurdar realms. Dwarf PCs typically originate from this local immigrant population, and thus have reasonably similar backgrounds to the humanfolk of the Havenscoast.

Others may have arrived more recently from the Crafter towns. These dwarves are far more interested in politics, trade and engineering than their distant brethren from far to the north of the Inner Sea, and travel more widely.

It is not entirely uncommon however to encounter northern dwarves in the Havenscoast. These folk hold more firmly to the ways of the ancient Clans, and mix less easily with other races. They are typically gruff and warlike, and many end up in the region as mercenaries, or are on specific quests.

Rarer still are the Muls, or half-dwarves, originally bred as slaves in ancient Thal Nimeh, and still common in the cities of the Sundered Shore. Some arrive in the Havenscoast as part of the retinue of some powerful exotic merchant; others are escaped slaves looking to make their way in a different part of the world.

Of course, wherever in Tolrendor you find dwarves, you will also find ale; some things are just natural.

Class: Dwarves are most commonly member of one of the martial classes (fighter, paladin, barbarian, rogue) as they tend to eschew the pursuit of arcane power, although clerics are a common choice, as this class combines devotion to the ancient gods with a talent for bashing enemies.

Races: Dwarves

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