Character Creation Page

This sections outlines the available 13th Age RPG options for player characters, along with any World of Tolrendor or ‘Eyes of the Watch’ specific variants. Players should read this section thoroughly before creating their character for the campaign.

Choose Race

The following races are available for your character:

• Human
• Dwarf
• Mul (Half-dwarf)
• High Elf
• Wild Elf (13th Age RPG Wood Elf)
• Sylvan Elf (13th Age RPG Wood Elf)
• Gnome
• Half-elf
• Halfling
• Half-orc
• Dragonborn (13th Age RPG Draconic)
• Tiefling (13th Age Demon-touched)

The section on Races gives further information about all these races in the Havenscoast region.

Choose Class

All 13th Age RPG classes from the Core rule-book are available for the campaign. From the 13 True Ways expansion, only the following classes are available:

• Commander
• Druid (any style)
• Monk

Note: this restriction is simply because it’s a starting campaign, and the idea is to keep the complexity down. If you’re desperate to play one of the other classes, talk to your DM.

Generate Ability Scores

You can use either the Roll ‘em or the Point Buy methods from page 30 of the 13th Age RPG Core rulebook.

Combat Stats

All combat stats are as per the 13th Age Core rulebook.

Your One Unique Thing

This is entirely up to you. Work with the DM to come up with a valid feature for your character. The overview of the Havenscoast region presented in this guide is designed to be useful in helping ground this in the campaign setting, but in the end, this is down to your imagination of your character. Be bold :)

Icon Relationships

Read the Icons section of this guide in detail to understand the Icons available in this campaign, including whether they are normally considered Heroic, Ambiguous or Villainous. You have 3 relationship points to spend at 1st level.

Due to the nature of this campaign, each PC is expected to spend 1 point (at least) on a positive relationship with the Knights of Watch. After all, you’re going to be a member of an elite Chapter of the Order; you know it makes sense.


As per the 13th Age RPG Core rulebook, your character has 8 background points to assign at 1st level. As with your One Unique Thing, the information presented in the rest of this Guide should be useful in developing your back-story.


Alignment isn’t strictly a requirement in 13th Age, but the world of Tolrendor does use it loosely. If you want to define your character’s alignment, choose from the traditional D&D 9-alignment system. Each of the Icons has an alignment specified, which may influence your choice.


Choose one adventurer feat at 1st Level. As per the Core rules, this can be a general or class-related feat.


As per the 13th Age Core rules, spend some time thinking about the details of your gear, rather than getting bogged down on the mundane prices. Having said that, try and keep your initial gear roughly within the value specified for each class … and remembering you still need to eat and drink!

Character Creation Page

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