Races: Humans

The dominant population of the Havenscoast, as in most regions of north western Tolrendor, are the dynamic and varied human races. The majority in the cities and towns along the coast are tall fair-skinned men, typically with blue or sea-green eyes, originally of Lorondorin origin, but now owing their allegiance to the Principality of Camlan or the one of the free towns. They are a civilised race, concentrating near their well-built towns and tilled farm-lands, and engaging in wide ranging trade by sea and land. Birth and social status is important to them, as they inherit a strong belief in feudal rule from their homeland. Most of the major lords and prominent figures of the Havenscoast are of Lorondorin stock.

As the fertile farmlands of the coast give way to the hill country and the rugged slopes of the Noreth mountains, the towns and homesteads start to be dominated by the original peoples of the region, before the Lorondorin expansion. Dark haired and often brown eyed, their skin tones range from a sun-kissed bronze to fair, though not as pale as their coastal brethren, and also typically not as tall. Prior to the arrival of the Lorondorin, they lived in loose tribal groups, so even now the villages and hamlets clustered in the hills tend to be more communal in their organisation than the larger towns.

Of course, in addition to these two main racial groups, the Havenscoast’s position as a trading crossroads means that one can encounter human folk from all parts of the world, especially in the vibrant city of Camlan. Here, stocky caravanners from the Kurdar realms to the west mix with tall olive-skinned men from beyond the eastern sands in flowing robes with long oiled black hair, with short tanned sailors in woollen tunics from the many lands and cities that were once part of the Samite Empire, and even sometimes a trader from the far southern lands, tall and muscular with jet black glistening skin, clad in a pale silk tunic and dripping with gold and beaded jewellery.

Class: Humans are the most polyglot race in Tolrendor, and are prevalent in all classes.

Races: Humans

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