'Eyes' of the Watch

Session 2 (a)

Investigating Leads (1)

The night after the battle in Hawker’s Square was spent at the Knight’s Rest, a Inn of reasonable standards (5sp per night including stabling and meals) in the Commons just near the gate into the Saddle.

A busy next day was had following the various leads which had been obtained in the Square.

Kilvar headed to the Silver Shields headquarters in Saddle, where he was eventually given an audience with a sergeant who had been at the Square the day before. Kilvar quizzed him about the seeming lack of patrols in the town, but didn’t get much useful information. He did however get the known address of Martos, the guard who had not turned up for work, and who was in possession of a key to the sewer beneath Hawkers Square.

Meanwhile Sylvia went to visit the mission run by Elsa Whiterose, discovering that she was very well disposed to the Knights of Watch. She relayed the information she had about the zombies, including the identities of the two she recognised and the fact that there were rumours of other folk going missing in the Commons. Sylvia gave the mission a donation and Elsa promised to send her helper Goram with any further information that comes up.

On returning to the Knight’s Rest, Kilvar and Sylvia met up and decided to head out to confront Martos.

Earlier, Samarak and Kirin went to visit the Docks district, aiming to follow up on the lead regarding the mysterious Aertos. They struck lucky quickly by meeting the Sea Lord captain Tallinor, of the ship in which they arrived in Sarb in the Mirranor Arms. He quickly told them that he knew Aertos’s game, and could lead them straight to a the lair of a Cult that was taking delivery of the bodies. However, before he would do that, he wanted the party to do him a favour by finding his missing bosun.

There are rumours in the Docks about a pirate named Blackjack, who has been possessed by some demonic influence (Tallinor suspects the same Cult that is tied up with Aertos), and is now, with his crew, making a nuisance of himself across the district. Tallinor believes his bosun has fallen foul of this gang. After agreeing to help, Samarak and Kirin were loaned a pendant which would glow whenever in the presence of demons.

Kilvar and Sylvia found Martos’s place quite easily. Kilvar went round the back and entered stealthily through the window, while Sylvia knocked as a distraction. A carefully placed dagger later, the two of them were in and interrogating the abject-looking guardsman. It soon turned out that he knew little; he had given the key to a blackguard known as Aertos in return for wiping a gambling debt. Sylvia and Kilvar agreed not to tell the Silver Shields the true story as long as Martos laid low for a few days and did not leave town.

In the evening the party met back at the Knight’s Rest and decided their next course of action – with following up on the matter of the pirate Blackjack seeming the most pressing.

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Damn right! We rocked!! Watch out Blackjack and Crew because we are on your case! (GM the pendant was loaned to the High-elf…and so I guess it is on his honor to have it returned…eventually? Does the pendant resemble any of his tattoos?)

A nice night’s sleep should see us right (really?) to head back to the Docks and the Dolphin to take on Aertos – or maybe an evening visit tonight might be more stealthy and inconspicuous, and keep the momentum and initiative of knowledge with us if time allows?

Session 2 (a)

I guess you’re right – it was loaned to the high-elf, so yes it is down to him to return eventually … remember the arm of the Sea-Lords is long …

No, I can’t think of any resemblance to Kirin’s tattoos!

Session 2 (a)