Despite it’s name, the Havenscoast has its fair share of dangers and strife, such as the continuous rivalry between Camlan and it’s estranged parent state of Lorondor across the Inner Sea, or the swift pirate ships that swoop to attack shipping from their haven behind the Corsair’s Teeth, or the Derghai raiders and wyverns that plague merchant caravans on their long trek across the plains to the rich cities of the southern Kurdar states.

However, nothing looms over the Havenscoast lands quite like the threat from the north, where the fertile lowlands give way to the rough lands known as the Barrens, once the battlegrounds of the Demon Lords of Gorak in their wars against the human realms. The centuries of battle and arcane destruction have left the area broken and lifeless, squabbled over by orc tribes and ogre clans and worse. Beyond lie the Fire-Peaks and the reeking fens of Gorak, where giants and dark sorcerers and corsair lords compete for hegemony over the demon wastes.

Here, the Knights of Watch maintain an endless vigil from their strongholds overlooking the Red River, a valiant bastion of military power guarding the civilised lands to the south. Their patrols range along the river and into the Barrens, and many humanoid raiders have perished facing a thunderous charge of heavily armoured Knights.

Sword and lance alone, however mightily wielded, are not sufficient to contain the many evils that threaten the borderlands. Not all enemies are as obvious as an orc raid or troll incursion. Here, the ‘Eyes’ of the Watch are just as important as the military strength of the Order. From their base at the Tower of the Watch, this clandestine and elite Chapter sends agents deep into the Barrens and even into Gorak, scouting out dangers, or carrying out special missions. Adventurers of all types are often recruited to aid in these missions. Are you up for the challenge of defending the lands of the Havenscoast?


‘Eyes of the Watch’ is a 13th Age RPG campaign set in the lands of the Havenscoast, which lie at the south-western reaches of Tolrendor’s Inner Sea.

In this campaign, player characters become members or associates of the ‘Eyes’, a special forces Chapter of the Knights of Watch, a military order whose mandate is to defend the lands of the city-state of Camlan (and by proxy the rest of the Havenscoast lands) against incursions and worse from the dangerous borderlands to the north.

The campaign will be episodic in nature, with the cast of PCs and NPCs changing regularly. Players will be able to swap characters easily, or pick up and play NPCs as needed to meet the needs of a particular adventure.

'Eyes' of the Watch

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